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I added scans of Jennifer in the February 26th issue of Look UK Magazine.

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I added scans of Architectural Digest‘s and Next Magazine of March 2018 to the gallery.

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Jennifer Aniston’s mega-fortune will remain intact after her split from Justin Theroux, according to multiple media reports that the couple signed an “ironclad” prenuptial agreement.
“Friends” star Aniston, who was named by Forbes as 2017’s highest paid actress of the year, made about $25.5 million last year. But she reportedly won’t have to worry about splitting her fortune with Theroux.

“Jennifer has an ironclad prenup with Justin. It would be very hard for Justin to contest it. The prenup talks before the marriage were long and intense,” a source said to Us Weekly.

Radar Online also reported the pair protected their separate assets before their marriage.

E! News estimates the A-listers are worth a combined $240 million. According to the celebrity news site, Aniston’s fortune accounts for $220 million of that, and Theroux is worth a reported $20 million.

Aniston and Theroux met in May of 2011 and got engaged in the summer of 2012. The couple then tied the knot in 2015 with a private ceremony at their Los Angeles home, which included celebrity friends such as Ellen DeGeneres, Sandra Bullock, Chelsea Handler and former “Friends” castmate Lisa Kudrow.

On Thursday, Aniston and Theroux shocked fans with the news of their separation.

The couple released a joint statement which read, “In an effort to reduce any further speculation, we have decided to announce our separation. This decision was mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year. We are two best friends who have decided to part ways as a couple, but look forward to continuing our cherished friendship.”

The news of Aniston and Theroux’s breakup comes after the Hollywood couple was photographed enjoying a Mexican vacation with celebrity couple friends Jason Bateman and Amanda Anka in December.

The couple joined Bateman and his wife in Cabo San Lucas to ring in the New Year but, according to Us Weekly, the Mexican getaway was the couple’s final attempt to try and save their the seven-year romance.


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Jennifer Aniston and husband Justin Theroux announced their separation on Thursday after less than three years of marriage, immediately sparking speculation that the former “Friends” star might reunite with her first spouse, Brad Pitt. “We have decided to announce our separation,” Aniston and Theroux said in a joint statement. “This decision was mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year.”

Aniston, 49, and “The Leftovers” actor Theroux, 46, married in August 2015.

The statement gave no reason for the split.

“We are two best friends who have decided to part ways as a couple, but look forward to continuing our cherished friendship. Normally we would do this privately, but given that the gossip industry cannot resist an opportunity to speculate and invent, we wanted to convey the truth directly,” the statement said.

Aniston, whose marriage to Pitt ended in divorce, is one of America’s most popular celebrities.The news swiftly became the top trending topic on Twitter, where fans chimed in with memes and comments about a possible Pitt-Aniston reunion.

Pitt left Aniston for actress Angelina Jolie in 2005, but he and Jolie split up in 2016. Their divorce is being dealt with in private court and Pitt is currently single.

“Guys! #JenniferAniston and #BradPitt are tooooootally getting back together! Then the #JenniferAniston love curse will FINALLY be over and she can be the stepmom of #AngelinaJolie’s kids!!!,” Twitter user Lauren Mastro posted on Thursday.

Aniston and Theroux married in a secret ceremony at their Los Angeles home in 2015 that took many of the couple’s guests, as well as the media, by surprise. They began dating in 2011.

Aniston has forged a lucrative film career in romantic comedies such as “Horrible Bosses,” “Marley & Me” and “Just Go with It” since the 2004 end of the hit TV comedy “Friends,” which made her a global star.

Theroux, who is also a writer and producer, is best known for his role on the HBO series “The Leftovers,” which ended last year. His other movies include “The Girl on the Train” and “Zoolander 2.”

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They are two of America’s most beloved comic actresses. And Carol Burnett and Jennifer Aniston proved the dream team as they united to present at Sunday’s Golden Globes. The pair were on stage to introduce the nominees for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy.However it was the double act between the pair that impressed, as they jostled for space and teased one another. Jennifer, 48, who had skipped the red carpet, told Carol: ‘Wow. On a night when so many people, all of their dreams will come true tonight, So has mine, because I get to present with my idol, the amazing Carol Burnett.’ Deadpan, Carol, 84, replied: ‘Thank you sweetheart, thank you. That’s so sweet. And you, know, i’m happy that you’re coming back to television because Will And Grace was one of my favorite shows.’ As the room erupted in laughter, Friends star Jennifer pretended not to get the joke, so Carol added quickly: ‘I’m just kidding.’

During her years presenting her long-running TV variety show, The Carol Burnett Show, the actress always signed off with a slight tug of her left ear – a secret family signal to her grandmother, who raised her. Jennifer asked Carol if she could touch the famous ear. ‘Kinky!’ Burnett joked after the display, asking the actress: ‘Was it everything you dreamed it would be?’ Replied Jennifer: ‘It was everything, everything, thank you.’ ‘As I said, she’s kinky!’ Burnett said.

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The final episode aired 13 years ago, but the British public’s appetite for US sitcom Friends has been lost. Fans of the cult Nineties series went wild on Saturday when streaming service Netflix hinted that it was acquiring the show. Posting a cryptic message from the Official Twitter account, the service-provider prompted speculation that they would be the new outlet in 2018.The tweet read: ‘The One with the Show Everyone’s Been Asking Us to Add’ and provided no other explanation to the 41k followers.


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Jennifer Aniston opened up the doors to her $20m Bel-Air mansion for Instagram on Monday. And the next day the 48-year-old actress was back at it as she posed with two of her pooches. The Cake actress looked happy to dote on her dogs as she plugged Smartwater, which she is the spokesperson for.The Friends vet has several dogs, including a white shepherd mix Dolly and pit bull mix Sophie Kangen Wate.Her longtime canine Norman died in 2011 and she got a tattoo of his name on her foot as a tribute.

In the new images Jennifer can be seen kissing the dogs while on her sofa and also throwing a ball outside with one of them.Aniston normally does not do social media. Sometimes the Vogue staple has appeared on husband Justin Theroux’s Instagram site, but she has never opened her own social media accounts.The Horrible Bosses star made an exception for Smartwater, however, to talk up their new sparkling water. The blonde is seen plugging the bottled water when inside her lair, which appears to have a white and grey theme. In one shot, she is posed in her kitchen which is surprisingly stocked with cookbooks. Read More >>

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Actresses Melissa McCarthy and Jennifer Aniston are taking shots at climate change deniers on the right by portraying a fake debate on the theory of gravity.
In the video, released Thursday as part of McCarthy’s guest-host appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” she and Aniston spar over the theory of “gravitivity,” which McCarthy calls “fake news.”
“Let’s look at the facts. The so-called ‘Theory of Gravitivity’ was conceived by Isaac Newton. That’s right — the guy from the cookie is trying to tell us to stay down,” McCarthy said.
“Every day, millions of schoolchildren are brainwashed into believing that they cannot fly,” she continues, before being interrupted by Aniston.
“Melissa, what are you talking about? People cannot fly,” Aniston responds.
“Who told you that gravity is real?” McCarthy asked, as the words “Gravity Israel?” appear on screen.
“Uh, pretty much just like every scientist in the world,” Aniston responded.
“Exactly,” McCarthy shot back. “Every. Single. Scientist. Every single one? Isn’t that a little suspicious?”
The sketch ends with Aniston suspended from wires after the two stage a mock fight, with McCarthy revealing herself to be tied to an anvil on the ground.
“I bet you feel pretty stupid now, Jennifer,” McCarthy said to laughs. “I guess your Smart Water didn’t work.”
McCarthy hosted “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday as part of a week of guest hosts while Kimmel attends a heart surgery for his son. He is expected to return next week.

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Now that fashion month has finished, designers can take a minute (relatively speaking) to relax and enjoy their latest efforts. And last night at the Sunset Tower, Tabitha Simmons played cohost alongside actress Jennifer Aniston in celebrating her Spring 2018 collection. Joining in the festivities were Aniston’s former costar Courteney Cox and actor Edgar Ramirez, who mingled with a fashionable crew consisting of Lauren Santo Domingo, Fabiola Beracasa Beckman, and Sara Foster. As guests tucked into the elegant dinner replete with autumnal bouquets by Hollyflora, more New Yorkers in Los Angeles, including Andrés Santo Domingo, Nacho Figueras, and Robert Mortimer, took in the chic surroundings. The sweetest part? The chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies served at the end of the evening.

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Jimmy Kimmel is back with another round of Celebrity Read Mean Tweets and it’s hilarious! This time, tons of celebs, including Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson and Jennifer Aniston, read some hateful tweets sent their way.

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