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Jennifer Aniston is bringing her star power to the world of bottled water again – ten years after being made the face of Glaceau Smartwater. The 48-year-old Hollywood beauty has been the face of the distilled, electrolyte infused bottled water company (owned by Coca-Cola) since 2007. And Jen has barely aged as she now poses in a range of situations for the 2017 Smartwater campaign.

Jen can be seen pouring a dinner guest a bottle of the sparkling version of the water in one image. Clutching a bottle of still water while out for a walk for a dog in another. Preparing to twist open a bottle on a red carpet (because working a red carpet is thirsty work – don’t be mistaken!) in a third image. And just casually holding a bottle on the set of a talkshow in another.
The star is also a brilliant spokesperson for the brand – having explained how she relies on the nutrient added water in her beauty regime in the past.

Although she also confessed she does sometimes cheat on Smartwater with a cheeky diet Coke.

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