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Hint: It’s not all about Friends.

Like seemingly everyone else these days, Jennifer Aniston is nostalgic for the nineties. “Is it corny if I say I miss Friends?” Aniston wonders aloud, laughing. “You know, more than anything, what I miss about the nineties is that there was no social media. I miss the connection people used to have. And I miss coffee shops.”

Of course, a coffee shop—the iconic Central Perk—figures prominently in the hit show in which Aniston played Rachel Green for ten seasons. And though Friends fever is still going strong eighteen years after the sitcom aired its final episode (nail polish brand Sally Hansen recently debuted a limited-edition collection based on the series), Aniston’s life couldn’t be more different than it was back then. Married and divorced twice, the actor has conquered the big screen (her films routinely gross more than $200 million at the box office), launched a successful haircare brand called Lolavie, and has become somewhat of an icon in the health and wellness world.

One of Aniston’s most recent partnerships in that space is with ingestible collagen brand Vital Proteins (she joined the company as Chief Creative Officer in 2020). The two just launched a collection of protein and collagen bars inspired by Aniston’s morning smoothies. “It makes sense,” she tells Women’s Health of the collab. “I’d been using the product for years before I started working with the brand.”

Here, the star shares wellness musts, what’s coming down the pipeline from Lolavie, and why taking a break from workouts was the best thing she did.

BU: You’ve been using ingestible collagen for a while now—what are some of the benefits you’ve noticed?
JA: My hair is indestructible, and I’ve noticed an improvement in its quality and texture. And, you know, my skin looks better, and my joints feel better. You just notice it. Also, my workouts were wonderfully fueled.

BU: Speaking of workouts, are there any specific ones you’re very into right now?
JA: I always switch it up because I get bored. But, you know, I was away doing a movie for three months and I kind of let my workouts fall to the wayside a little bit. And I have to say, I’ve never done that before. I usually wake up and work out no matter where I am, no matter what time of day it is. I make sure I get at least a good twenty minutes of sweating in. But I didn’t, and I felt such a difference. It really affected me. We were on location, and it was the pandemic, and there was just so much going on. It took everything for me just to get up and go to work. To try to exist when the world was so crazy—it was all too much. Plus, trying to make a comedy when there’s a global pandemic and a war in Ukraine was a lot.

BU: How did it feel to take that break?
JA: I realized that what I really needed more than a workout was a meditation. I mean, we’re so focused on working out, working out, working out, but sometimes you just must give your body a break and listen to what it needs. And sometimes it’s not going to be physical. Sometimes, it’s going to be mental. Sometimes you need to give your body a little R & R.

BU: We love your hair brand, Lolavie. Any new launches coming?
JA: We have an oil that’s coming out in the next few weeks. And we’re also working on a shampoo and conditioner that I am obsessed with. There’s a dry shampoo that we’re trying to perfect and a mask that’s a weekly deep conditioning treatment. I want to do a paste. I’ve got this lots in the works and I’m excited about everything.

BU: Are you a morning person?
JA: I’m never in a bad mood. I’m not a “don’t talk to me in the morning” person. But ultimately, I’m a night owl. I stay up. I love to putter. I love to get things done. It’s quiet. The world’s asleep.

BU: Being a night owl, is there anything that you do in the morning to start the day right?
JA: Usually the first thing I do is meditate. I try to wake up mindfully. I don’t look at my phone, which infuriates everyone. But if it’s a real emergency, people will call me on my home line, right? Yes. I still have a home line.

Women’s Health Mag

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