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Photocall Of Netflix’s “Murder Mystery”

Jennifer attended a Photocall for her project Murder Mystery alongside the cast from the film, I have added images to the gallery enjoy!

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Jennifer attends the Netflix World Premiere Of “Murder Mystery”

Jennifer attended the world premiere of her new movie on Netflix titled Murder Mystery, I have added photos from the event enjoy

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Jennifer Aniston: The Naked Truth

Harpers Bazaar– TIG NOTARO: I was at your 50th-birthday bash. Aside from my dancing, what was your favorite moment at the party?

JENNIFER ANISTON: Besides your dancing? I had so many favorite moments, I don’t even know where to begin. It felt as though there was so much love in that room—everybody from all different walks of my life, from birth until now. Did you meet Gloria Steinem?

TN: Yeah! I did one of those shows on PBS where they trace your roots and I found out I was related to her, so I ran up to her at your party and told her. I don’t think she knows who I am, so she was just like, “Wonderful.” Then we danced our separate ways.

A: I’m sure she knows who you are. Someone like Gloria, who’s as smart as a whip, she knows who all the smart women are.

TN: It was a great party. I got to meet Keith Richards, so I had no complaints. The press had a field day with your birthday. How do you deal with that?

JA: You pay no mind to the man behind the curtain. You just tune it out. Filter your ears from negativity and assumptions, and try to live in the here and now.

TN: I remember one time I was at a meeting with you and they had all these gossip magazines in the waiting room, and you grabbed them all and brought them up to the counter, and you were like, “Why do you have this here? Throw these in the trash.”

JA: I did throw them in the trash, didn’t I?

TN: Yeah. I just love that you did that! Why would they have those gossip magazines when the people on the covers are the same people coming in for a meeting?

JA: Who work for you! And there I would be on the cover, cradling my soon-to-be-born fictional child. I do that in every room I go into, by the way. Every doctor’s office, every…

TN: Oh, so that’s a total hack move for you.

JA: That’s just what I do. I used to go to newsstands too.


TN: One person makes a difference.

JA: I sometimes think so.

TN: Jen, with all this insanity, how do you find someone to date?

JA: That’s a really good question. Do you have any ideas?

TN: I met my wife on a movie.

JA: Well, that never happens.

TN: Before that, I dated a lot of comedians.

JA: So you stayed in your wheelhouse.

TN: I like funny people.

JA: I love funny people

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Dumplin’ Poster, Stills, & HD Screencaptures

I’ve added a poster, stills, and HD screencaptures of Jennifer as Rosie Dickson in Dumplin’.

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Events in 2018

I’ve added over 800 photos from events that Jennifer attended in 2018. I am organizing the gallery so if you see any broken photos or categories out of place that is why. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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On Set in Milan-Italy

Jennifer has been spotted on Set in Milan, Italy filming Murder Mystery I have added the candids to our gallery!

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On Set in Milan, Italy

Jennifer has been spotted on set of Murder Mystery in Milan, Italy. I have added the images to our gallery

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On Set in Lake Como Italy

Jennifer has been spotted on set in Como Italy filming Murder Mystery, photos have been added to our gallery!

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On Set in Como, Italy

Jen has been spotted On Set of Murder Mystery in Como, Italy. I have added the images to the gallery section!

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On Set in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy

Jennifer has been spotted on set for her upcoming Project Murder Mystery in Portofino, Italy I have added images to the gallery!


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