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Oct 06, 16   0 Comment Gallery, Shire Initiative

Thanks to Samantha, I added screencaptures of Jennifers Eyelove television commercial. Enjoy! Gallery Links: – 2016 – Current – Shire Initiative: Eyelove > September 2016: Commercial Screencaptures

Sep 21, 16   0 Comment Gallery, Shire Initiative

Jennifer Aniston partnered with Shire Initiative to launch eyelove, a new campaign to bring awareness to chronic dry eye. “My eyes often become dry, itchy and irritated, especially when I am reading or outside,” Jennifer said in a statement. “The symptoms were bothering me so much that I finally decided to speak with my eye […]

Sep 19, 16   0 Comment Gallery, Magazine Scans

I opened the Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” a few days ago, and the puzzle section had a puzzle of Jennifer in it. I decided to upload it to the site, in case some Dutch fans want to try it. It’s a very fun and easy puzzle. Just find the words and color them. The remaining […]

Sep 18, 16   0 Comment Gallery, Public Events, Storks

Jennifer Aniston delivered style to the blue carpet on Saturday. The actress, 47, attended the premiere of her newest film, Storks, in Westwood, California. The star wore a floral mini dress with black accents and tied her ensemble together with black pumps. Gallery Links: – Appearances > + 2016 > September 17th: Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures’ ‘Storks’

Aug 18, 16   0 Comment Gallery, Magazine Scans

I added 4 scans of Jennifer on the cover of the German Cosmopolitan, the September 2016 issue. Enjoy! Gallery Links: – Magazine Scans > + 2016 > Cosmopolitan (Germany) (September 2016)

Aug 14, 16   0 Comment Gallery, Magazine Scans

Jennifer is on the cover of the German TV Digital Magazine. I added the cover and some scans to the gallery. Gallery links: – Magazine Scans > + 2016 > TV Digital (Germany) (Nr 17 2016)

Jul 26, 16   0 Comment Gallery, Magazine Scans

As promised, I added missing old magazine scans to the gallery. They were released between 2001 and 2004. Check a preview below and click the links to view them in the gallery. Gallery links: – Last Additions – Magazine Scans > + 2001 – Magazine Scans > + 2002 – Magazine Scans > + 2003 – Magazine Scans > + 2004

I added screencaptures of Jennifers latest movie “Mother’s Day” to the gallery. You can find all kinds of info in the Filmography section. I also added screencaptures of the funny bloopers, which were showed at the end of the movie. Gallery Links: – 2016 – Mother’s Day > Bloopers Screencaptures – 2016 – Mother’s Day > Movie Screencaptures

Jul 24, 16   0 Comment Gallery, Magazine Scans

Thanks to PicturePub Forum, I was able to add scans of Jennifer in the German News Magazine. Check them out in the gallery, by clicking the links below. Gallery links: – Magazine Scans > + 2016 > News Magazine (Germany) (July 2016)

Jul 23, 16   0 Comment Gallery, Photoshoots

Woosh, the updates keep on coming! Keep scrolling down if you missed them, because I added a lot of new/old stuff today. The photoshoot Jennifer did for the People Magazine Most Beautiful Issue was released!! I’ve been hunting them down for a while now, but I found them today. I hope to use them for […]