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Total DVD Magazine scans

I have added Magazine Scans that has featured Jen in the edition, enjoy!

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The Switch (2010) Official Trailer

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, and Jeff Goldblum, The Switch follows Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) when she decides it’s time to have a baby, even if it means doing it with a little help from a sperm donor. Seven years later, her best friend Wally (Jason Bateman) begins to suspect that a switch may have occurred when he meets her charming, but slightly neurotic son, Sebastian (Thomas Robinson). Starring, in alphabetical order: Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Jeff Goldblum, Juliette Lewis, Todd Louiso, Thomas Robinson.

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Promoshoot for fragrance: Lolavie

Who knew everyone’s favourite Friend could look so sexy?

Jennifer Aniston is known for her girl next door looks but in a series of promotional shots for her new perfume line the actress looks anything but.

Aniston looks sexy and stunning in the three black and white shots, showcasing her perfect body, naked apart from a white skirt positioned low on her hips.

Aniston’s perfume is called Lolavie, which roughly translates as ‘laughing at life’, and is launching Wednesday at Harrods where the perfume will be sold exclusively.

Aniston will be at the department store herself, signing bottles for customers in Harrods’ Georgian restaurant.

It’s the debut fragrance for Aniston, 41, who says she has been involved with every step of the development process over the past year and a half, from creating the scent to conceptualizing the ads which were shot at Aniston’s favourite holiday getaway spot, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

‘It wasn’t just about showing up for a shoot and putting my name on the bottle,’ she says. ‘I felt like a little chemist. It’s turned out to be an extension of myself as opposed to slapping my name on something.’

Aniston says that her scent, which will cost £23 for the 30ml size and £36 for the 85ml, will smell ‘sexy and clean…floral but not too flowery.’

‘I am not a big perfume-y fragrance fan,’ she explains. ‘I want people to go “what is that?” You smell great!” But most of all, I wanted it to smell natural.’

As well as branching out into the world of fragrance Aniston is planning another career change – gearing up to go behind the camera and take a turn at directing.

‘I have a project in development I’m going to direct,’ she says. ‘After you get enough movies under your belt you sit back and go “what’s next?” It’s going to be the time where creatively I want to turn in a different direction.’

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Harpers Bazaar

Jennifer has been featured in Haper’s Bazaar UK, I have added images from the amazing Photoshoot to our gallery!

The golden girl of Hollywood rom-com Jennifer Aniston appears on the May 2010 cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK.

Jennifer talks botox, girl-power and her self-confessed re-birth. She also reveals a more mysterious side to the girl we think we all know.

I love the editorial which was shot by Alexi Lubomirski.

It features a glowing Jennifer soaking up the rays wearing Missoni dress on the cover and a Fendi lingerie inspired ensemble in her editorial.

For some reason Morocco springs to mind when I look at these beautiful pictures. It’s the combination of the eye squinting hazy sun shine and those printed rugs.

Below are some extracts from her interview.

The full feature appears in the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar, which is on sale Thursday, April 1.

On her love of British comedy: “I so love the British sense of humour – I was obsessed with Benny Hill and Monty Python as a child. Oh my god, and I am so hooked on Ricky Gervais.”

On her fans being upset by her racy roles: “With Derailed [a dark action thriller opposite Clive Owen], I loved being racy. Love it…But people couldn’t cope with me being involved in rape and murder.”

On her rebirth: “The last five years have been about spring cleaning for me. Now it’s time for my rebirth. I love trying new things. I can’t just be put in a box.”

On the power of women: “I grew up admiring strong women like journalist Barbara Walters and super-agent Sue Mengers, who represented Ali McGraw. But now look where we’ve got to as women. We’ve had a woman run for President. There is nothing like our power.”

On botox: “I could do it, and I mean these lines are getting deeper every day, but when I tell you what’s happened to me – these lines are just about living. Look I eat really well and I work out, but I also indulge when I want to. I don’t starve myself in an extremist way. You’re not taking away my coffee or my dairy or my glass of wine because I’d be devastated. My advice: just stop eating shit every day.”

On her fellow Hollywood leading ladies: “I love what Drew Barrymore is doing with directing. It’s so much about a rebirth for her, and I love it when people are living in the now, like her. I hate it when people look back and regret what they haven’t got. That’s how I feel about my own life now. And my God, let’s talk about how much I love Demi Moore as well. What kind of Kool-Aid is she drinking?”

On the launch of her new fragrance, Lolavie: “I’d been asked to put my name to many [fragrances], but I wanted to be involved in the process, from the initial idea of the scent to the ad campaign with Mario Sorrenti.”


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Jennifer featured in Architectural Digest

Jennifer has been featured in Architectural Digest’s new spread for March, I’ve added the scans to our gallery enjoy!

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‘HIMYM’ Star Wants Jennifer Aniston to Be the Mom

US-Who’s the mom on “How I Met Your Mother?”

Jennifer Aniston, if show star Alyson Hannigan has her way.

“I’d love to have Jennifer Aniston! I’d like her to turn out to be the mom,” Hannigan, 35, told at the show’s 100th episode screening in Beverly Hills Thursday night.

Do you think Jennifer Aniston has had plastic surgery? Vote here!

Britney SpearsHeidi MontagSpencer Pratt and Kim Kardashian have all appeared on the CBS comedy.

Aniston, however, may have other plans. The Hollywood Reporter recently wrote that the single actress is considering starring alongside Adam Sandler in romantic comedy “Pretend Wife.”

Look back at Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s most romantic moments

The flick would be released in February 2011 around Valentine’s Day.

Aniston is set to appear in two romantic comedies in 2010: The Baster with Jason Batemen and The Bounty Hunter with Gerard Butler.

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