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Sep 13, 10   0 Comment Cougar Town, News & Gossip

Multi-millionaire Jennifer Aniston didn’t foot the bill when she supped one-on-one with Cougar Town actor Josh Hopkins at West Hollywood’s Madeo Sept. 2. “I am a Southern gentleman,” Hopkins told reporters at Sunday’s Nautica Malibu Triathalon in Malibu, Calif. “So I had to [pay for dinner.]” (Hopkins hails from Kentucky, where his father Larry Hopkins […]

Sep 10, 10   0 Comment News & Gossip

Jen and Brad were only feet away from each other last week when they were shooting movies on the Sony lot…yikes! It’s not very often Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are in the same place at the same time, but the exes almost bumped into each other last week on the Sony lot in Culver […]

Sep 02, 10   0 Comment News & Gossip

 Jennifer Aniston was spotted on a date with a younger man.  he’s moving on, igniting new rumors that she has a new boyfriend.  The 41-year-old star was spotted enjoying drinks, dinner and dessert at the luxurious Sunset Tower Hotel in Hollywood with a handsome, younger-looking man. Ok it’s just a date, but it’s a big […]

Sep 02, 10   0 Comment News & Gossip

JENNIFER Aniston has been branded a “pain” by the writers of Courtney Cox’s Cougar Town — because she’s being fussy about her storyline! Insiders say Aniston — who will guest star as a therapist — apparently doesn’t want to have a love interest on the show. “There’ll be no story lines about Jennifer having any […]

Aug 30, 10   0 Comment News & Gossip

Vrienden doen een boekje open over de relatie van Jennifer en John Mayer Rumors were flying this week that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer were getting back together this week.  However, according to a friend of Jennifer’s, that is not happening, ’cause John is a “dud” at doing the nasty. The friend said that they […]

 Jennifer Aniston has confirmed that she will be a guest star on the popular television show, “Cougar Town.” She will be working with Courtney Cox for the first time since they starred together on “Friends.” Aniston was able to take her career to the next level after “Friends,” and now she is going back to […]

Aug 24, 10   0 Comment News & Gossip

Earlier today a spokesperson for Michelle Trachtenberg dismissed rumors the actress was dating John Mayer – and now we already have another rumored girl for the Half of My Heart singer: Jennifer Aniston! While Mayer famously said some interesting things about his other ex Jessica Simpson in Playboy, he gushed over his relationship with Aniston: […]

Aug 19, 10   0 Comment News & Gossip

Jennifer Aniston wasn’t surprised when she heard the news that Beverly Hills beauty salon owner Maria Gabriella Perez was charged with fraud for ripping off credit card information from her A-list clients. Aniston, 41, said Thursday on ABC’s Good Morning America that she stopped working with Perez, 51, about five years ago. “We had a […]

Aug 18, 10   0 Comment News & Gossip

She is feted as one of the world’s most beautiful women, and at 41, Jennifer Aniston has a complexion to rival women decades younger. But instead of an array of expensive beauty products and therapists, the actress has credited a £1.99 bar of soap with her youthful skin. She revealed that she has been using […]

Aug 11, 10   0 Comment News & Gossip

Volgens Bill O’Reilly is Jennifer Aniston geen goed voorbeeld voor de jeugd. De Amerikaanse Fox News presentator heeft geen goed woord over voor de actrice De conservatieve Bill is het niet eens met de uitspraken dieJennifer op een persconferentie deed. Jen zei dat vrouwen tegenwoordig geen mannen meer nodig hebben om een kind te krijgen. “Tijden […]