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May 30, 14   0 Comment Gallery, Life of Crime

Ik heb 3 stills van Jennifers nieuwe film ‘Life Of Crime’ aan de gallery toegevoegd. Bekijk ze hier beneden. Gallery Links: – 2014 – Life of Crime > Movie Stills

May 28, 14   0 Comment Life of Crime

Working with Jennifer Aniston sounds like it was a dream for Life of Crime’s director Daniel Schechter. “She wanted to do everything,” he told PEOPLE on Tuesday of the actress, 45. “She wanted to do the stunts and the difficult scenes over and over again until we got it right. I was pleased that she […]

May 05, 14   0 Comment Friends, Gallery, Screencaptures

Al weken ben ik hier druk mee, de screencaptures van seizoen 1 van Friends. Jennifer speelde hier Rachel Green en met deze rol is ze definitief doorgebroken als actrice. Eindelijk zijn de screencaps klaar. Je kunt ze hier beneden al bekijken of in de gallery. Daar kun je komen door op de links hier beneden […]

Apr 28, 14   0 Comment Cake, Candids, Gallery

Hard at work on a Tuesday (April 22), Jennifer Aniston shot scenes for her new film “Cake” in Los Angeles. Dressed down for the role in a white tee and a grey sweater, the “Friends” alum kept the sun off with a wide brimmed hat between scenes. Gallery Links: – 2015 – Cake > + […]

Apr 09, 14   0 Comment Cake, Candids, Gallery

Nieuwe foto’s van Jennifer op de set van ‘Cake’ in Los Angeles. Zoals altijd kun je de foto’s via de links hier beneden in de gallery bekijken. Gallery Links: – 2015 – Cake > + On Set > April 8th: On the set of ‘Cake’ in Los Angeles

Apr 08, 14   0 Comment Cake, Gallery

Starting another week on set, Jennifer Aniston arrived to shoot scenes for “Cake” in Los Angeles on Monday (April 7). The “We’re the Millers” star wore a long-sleeved light top and carried a tan handbag as she headed in to do scenes with co-star Sam Worthington. Gallery Links: – 2015 – Cake > + On Set > April 7th: On […]

Apr 06, 14   0 Comment Cake, Candids, Gallery

Throwing a wave her fans’ way in Los Angeles, Jennifer Aniston was spotted on the set of her new movie, “Cake” on Friday (April 4). Dressed simply for her role, the 45-year-old beauty sported a gray knit sweater over a cute blue top and baggy nude pants. “Cake” is a dramatic comedy also starring “Twilight” babe, Anna […]

Feb 22, 14   0 Comment News & Gossip, Projects

Considering her next big movie gig, Jennifer Aniston has her eyes set on New Line Cinema’s upcoming comedy, “Mean Moms.” Based on Rosalind Wiseman’s nonfiction book, “Queen Bee Moms And King Pin Dads,” “Mean Moms” is slated to be helmed by “The Sound of Music Live!” director Beth McCarthy-Miller. Rosalind Wiseman’s stories heavily impacted the […]

Vandaag heb ik screencaptures van Jennifers laatste film “We’re The Millers” aan de gallery toegevoegd. Na de film waren een aantal bloopers te zien. Ook hier zijn screencaps van gemaakt. Bekijk alle foto’s door op de thumbnails/links hier beneden te klikken. De kleine drugsdealer David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) wordt door de veel grotere dealer Gurdlinger […]

The success of “We’re the Millers” this year has garnered Jennifer Aniston a few negotiating points of power. According to Radar Online, the actress has snared a sumly $15 million to reprise her role in at least one “Millers” sequel. According to the outlet, that figure might’ve even been more had Aniston not appeared on […]