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Jun 12, 10   0 Comment Uncategorized

Jennifer Aniston has eaten the same salad every day for ten years during the filming of Friends.The actress and her former co-star and friend Courteney Cox told the Los Angeles Times that the couple ate together every day and never faltered in her limited diet. “We always had the same thing over Cobb salad,” she […]

Jun 11, 10   0 Comment Uncategorized

30 Rock actor Jason Sudeikis. Jen has apparently enjoyed a series of secret dates with Jason, who she met last year when they appeared in The Bounty Hunter together. (fuck that movie.) During filming, Jen and Jason’s relationship was strictly platonic because Sudeikis was still married. However, now the actor is divorced and Jen’s helping […]

Jun 02, 10   0 Comment Uncategorized

Neighbors of Jennifer Aniston called police when they thought someone was breaking into her home. Actress Jennifer Aniston’s neighbours called the police after they thought they heard a break-in. The 41-year-old star, who was recently filming her new movie in Hawaii, was not at home at the time when her neighbors thought they heard voices […]

May 30, 10   0 Comment Uncategorized

Jennifer staat op de cover van Inland Empire met een interview en photoshoot. Ik heb de scans toegevoegd aan de gallery. Links:– Inland Empire (June 2010)

May 13, 10   0 Comment Uncategorized

Former Friends star and America’s sweet heart Jennifer Aniston has been tapped for two new silver-screen projects. One is Horrible Bosses, a workplace murder comedy. The other is called WanderLust.

May 08, 10   0 Comment Uncategorized

Hier zijn nieuwe candids van Jennifer op de set in Maui een aantal dagen geleden. Links:– May 5th: On the set of ‘Just Go With It’ in Maui

May 04, 10   0 Comment Uncategorized

Hier de nieuwste candids van “Just Go With it” wat Jennifer momenteel aan het filmen is in Maui. Hieronder de foto’s en een link naar de gallery. Links:– May 3rd: on the set of ”Just Go With It” in Maui

Apr 28, 10   0 Comment Uncategorized

Nieuwe setfoto’s (Ofja van flink een aantal dagen geleden) van Jennifer op de set van “Just Go With it” in Hawaii. Links:– April 19th: on the set of ‘Just Go With It’ in Hawaii

Apr 19, 10   0 Comment Uncategorized

Jennifer is weer druk aan de slag op de set van haar nieuwe film “Just Go With it”. Ik heb 2 sets toegevoegd. Links:– April 6th: Leaves the set of Just Go With It– April 14th: on set of ”Just Go With It’