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Jan 19, 2015   Leave a Comment News & Gossip

It’s always fun when she shows up on the scene, and Jennifer Aniston had a blast during her visit to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday (January 19).

Of course, the “Cake” cutie was asked about getting shut out of the Oscars, though she somehow found a “glass-half-full” way to look at it- “Yeah, I’m the number one snubbed. That’s the silver lining.”

Furthermore, Jen explained her topless photo with longtime friend/hairdresser Chris McMillian in her cover story for Allure magazine- “He’s like a brother… It’s different. I wouldn’t do that with a girlfriend. I would feel weird doing a photograph like that with a girlfriend,” to which DeGeneres declared, “What are you talking about? The shoot we did was amazing,” as a fake topless image appeared on the screen.

Video will be up as soon as it is released!

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