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Aug 18, 2015   Leave a Comment Advertisements, Emirates

It’s confirmed: Jennifer Aniston is the new face of Emirates. Shortly before marrying her long-term partner Justin Theroux, Aniston, 46, reportedly signed a $5 million (Dh18.3 million) deal with the airline.

The news of the collaboration comes months after fellow Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman, 48, signed a deal with the second-largest airline in the United Arab Emirates, Etihad, based out of the capital city.

The two are known for staying in the limelight but out of trouble, a key asset when choosing celebrity ambassadors, explained Vishal Anand, CEO of Dubai-based communication agency, Blue Apple.

“One of the drawbacks of having a celebrity associated with a brand is when the celebrities get involved in controversies. Once an endorsement is made, people connect your brand with that celebrity, and if the star does or says or behaves in a way that’s not associated with the brand, it can backfire,” he said.

“Emirates and Etihad would have done their due diligence. Looked at personality matches, influence of the star, their target markets and the message they want to send before approaching these celebrities. If done properly, celebrity endorsements can do wonders to a brand.”

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