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Met dank aan Claudia heb ik een scan kunnen toevoegen van het Franse magazine “Paris Match” uit 2012.

Klik op de foto om originele grootte te bekijken

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Jennifer Aniston showed off some gorgeously toned legs at the premiere of her new film Call Me Crazy last night leading us to conclude she must live in a gym. Jennifer Aniston have you been working out? Er, this is celeb land, of course she blimmin’ has. But wow, is all the hard work clearly paying off.
The 44-year-old stepped out at the LA premiere of her new film last night, ditching her trusty LBD for some super sexy shorts. We reckon just to show off her gym-honed legs. In fact, if we had Jen’s pins we would have probably just gone in a pair of bikini bottoms. So what is Jen’s secret? Well, it’s all down to a bit of yoga appaz.

002.jpg  011.jpg  009.jpg  014.jpg  032.jpg

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Jennifer en Justin zijn gelukkig weer samen gespot. Ditmaal in West Hollywood. Bekijk de candids hier beneden.

001.jpg  002.jpg  003.jpg  004.jpg  005.jpg

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Jennifer staat op de cover van Hello! Canada Magazine, de uitgave van 25 maart. Ik heb de cover én scans toegevoegd. Ook staat ze met een klein artikel in Fabulous magazine, namelijk die van 24 maart. Ook hier een scan van in de gallery.

001~9.JPG  002~9.JPG  003~6.JPG  005~4.JPG

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Jennifer staat op de cover en in een heleboel magazines deze maand. Ik heb alle covers en magazine scans toegevoegd. Je kunt ze bekijken via de link hieronder.

004~4.JPG  001~7.JPG  006~2.JPG  001~8.JPG  005~3.JPG

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Jennifer was gisterenavond aanwezig bij de Oscars van 2013. Ze ging samen met Justin Theroux en mocht een award presenteren. Ik heb ruim 200 HQ foto’s toegevoegd aan de gallery.

Jennifer Aniston is red hot on the red carpet at the 2013 Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday (February 24) in Hollywood. The 44-year-old actress was joined on the carpet by her fiance Justin Theroux. Jen was a presenter at tonight’s award ceremony – she hasn’t been in attendance at the Oscars in several years! Jennifer rocked a Salvatore Ferragamo clutch and Fred Leighton jewels, while Justin wore a Salvatore Ferragamo suit.

008.jpg  010.jpg  021.jpg  032.jpg  046.jpg

042.jpg  063.jpg  071.jpg  079.jpg  076.jpg

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Meer foto’s van Jennifer met een blonde pruik op de set van haar nog onbekende film! bekijk de foto’s hieronder.

Blond bombshell birthday girl! Jennifer Aniston hit the set of her new movie, the Untitled Elmore Leonard Project, on Tuesday, Feb. 12 looking happy and sexy in a platinum blonde wig.
The actress had a big smile on her face on the Stamford, Conn. set, after marking her 44th birthday the day before. “They just come rapid-fire,” Aniston joked about her birthday in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily on Feb. 10. “I feel like the last one just happened! I want to say, ‘Let’s slow down.’ I have fun all the time, so I’m not worried. I can have a form of a birthday any day.”

001.jpg  014.jpg  022.jpg  026.jpg  030.jpg

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Jennifer gaat weer samen met Owen Wilson in een film spelen. Ze speelden samen in “Marley & Me”. lees het onderstaande bericht over een nieuwe gezamelijke film.

Jennifer Aniston has joined the cast of upcoming comedy She’s Funny That Way. The movie stars Owen Wilson as a married Broadway director who falls for a prostitute-turned-actress and helps launch her career. Aniston will play a therapist whose mother is in rehab for alcoholism, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

She’s Funny That Way is due to begin shooting in New York City in June. Aniston, who has also signed on to another comedy called Convention, previously starred opposite Wilson in 2008’s Marley & Me.



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Happy 44th Birthday, Jennifer Aniston <3.

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