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Jan 11, 2013
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Vandaag heb ik een “oude” scan set toegevoegd. Namelijk de oudejaarseditie van OK Magazine. Dit roddelblad beweert dat Jennifer en Justin in verwachting zijn van een tweeling en claimen daar concreet bewijs voor te hebben. Dit geloven we pas als Jennifer het zelf heeft bevestigd.

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Jan 10, 2013
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Jennifer was gisteren aanwezig bij de 39ste editie van de People’s Choice Awards in het Nokia Theatre in L.A. Ze won de award voor “Favourite Comedic Movie Actress” en was zichtbaar aangeslagen door de award. Je kunt de eerste foto’s hieronder bekijken. Ik hoop er binnenkort meer toe te voegen.

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Jan 09, 2013

“She’s not here to promote anything. She’s here out of love,” said Jimmy Kimmel introducing his pal Jennifer Aniston to his Tuesday show, which debuted in a new, earlier, 11:35 p.m. time slot.

Jennifer was aanwezig als gast tijdens de aflevering van Jimmy Kimmel Live op 8 januari. Hier heeft ze flink van zich laten horen. Ze heeft Jimmy’s bureau vernield met een sloophamer én zijn haar geknipt op nationale televisie. Wil je dit zien? Bekijk de filmpjes hier beneden.




Jan 04, 2013
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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux hop out of their car as they arrive at the airport on Thursday (January 3) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The 43-year-old actress and her 41-year-old fiance were joined by their celeb pals Emily Blunt and John Krasinski to catch a flight out of town to end their vacation.

jennifer-aniston-justin-theroux-friends-depart-cabo-01.jpg  jennifer-aniston-justin-theroux-friends-depart-cabo-04.jpg  jennifer-aniston-justin-theroux-friends-depart-cabo-07.jpg  jennifer-aniston-justin-theroux-friends-depart-cabo-09.jpg  jennifer-aniston-justin-theroux-friends-depart-cabo-15.jpg

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Jan 04, 2013

Jennifer Aniston recently lent her acting talents to U.K. internet provider Sky Broadband’s new commercial. In the new ad, the former Friends star, 43, has overstayed her welcome at a cafe after drinking too many cups of coffee in order to use their internet.
“Is everything alright at home, love?” the waitress asks.
“Devastating. Devastating,” an over-caffeinated Aniston replies. “My internet is down again. Again!”
Fortunately, the waitress offers Aniston a tip to use Sky Broadband instead, which will save her the typical hassle of switching providers.
“That’s fantastic. That’s what I’m going to do,” Aniston says. “Oh, I feel so much more relaxed.” The excited star the leaves the store with so much enthusiasm that she accidentally breaks the front door.


Dec 30, 2012
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While they continue their romantic Cabo vacation, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux invited a few friends along to share the fun on Saturday (December 29).

Relaxing outside in the sun, the “Friends” star and her fiancée were joined by fellow celeb couples Jimmy Kimmel, Molly McNearney, Emily Blunt, and John Krasinski. After chatting awhile on their lounge chairs, with Jen in a navy bikini and her man in gray shorts, John, Jimmy, and Molly headed to the beach to try their hands at paddleboarding. According to an Us Weekly source, on Thursday the famous friends “spent the afternoon lounging around and having drinks [at Jen and Justin’s house]. They seemed to all be really good friends and comfortable around each other. Emily was lying in John’s lap, and Jen had her arms around Justin. They were there all afternoon until sunset, laughing and having great conversation.”

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Dec 28, 2012
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Ik heb weer een heleboel nieuwe candids kunnen toevoegen van Jennifer en Justin in Cabo, waar Jennifer een huisje heeft. Bekijk de foto’s en het nieuwsbericht hieronder.

Thoroughly enjoying their holiday in Mexico, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were spotted soaking up some rays and cuddling at their hotel in Cabo San Lucas on Thursday (December 27). The “Friends” star wore a black bikini top and pink sari while her fiancée was bare-chested in some black shorts as they held each other on the balcony. Before a playful cuddle session, the two were seen lounging on their deck chairs, reading paperbacks and enjoying a snack of some fruit.

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Dec 26, 2012
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Alweer een blad wat het huwelijk van Brad/Angelina en Jennifer/Justin een reden vindt om over te schrijven. Het Franse blad Voici ditmaal. Natuurlijk heb ik scans voor je. Bekijk ze via de link hier beneden.

Klik op de foto om originele grootte te bekijken

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Dec 25, 2012
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Jennifer en Justin zijn momenteel in Mexico, waar ze deze Kerstmis verblijven.

Jennifer Aniston wears a pinkbikinitop while sunbathing with hershirtless fiance Justin Theroux on Christmas Eve Monday (December 24) in Mexico. Later in the day, the 43-year-old actress changed into a green strapless bikini top. Jen and Justin arrived in the sunny locale the day before to spend the holidays together in Cabo San Lucas.

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Dec 20, 2012
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Jennifer staat op de cover van de nieuwste editie van het Amerikaanse roddelblad “Star”. Natuurlijk gaat het weer uitgebreid over het huwelijk van Jen en Justin én Brad en Angelina. Je kunt de scans in de gallery bekijken.

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