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Mar 12, 2011

Jennifer heeft haar eigen parfum op de markt gebracht. Haar eigen geur heet “Lolavie”. De geur van Jennifer  is een mix tussen sweet en sexy. Een lekker fris geurtje voor die lekkere stranddag in de warme zomerdagen. Hoe Jennifer op de naam Lolavie is gekomen wil de actrice niet zeggen.  Lolavie (€35,-) wordt in juni officieel gelanceerd maar het is nog niet bekend wanneer de geur in Nederland verkrijgbaar zal zijn.”

Onder kun je de foto’s van de launchparty in New Mexico zien plus nogmaals de photoshoot die Jennifer voor de parfum heeft gedaan.

Jennifer Aniston really spiced things up on Thursday while promoting her new perfume in Mexico City.

And when I say spice things up, I mean she wore a nude dress with some sparkles. That’s living on the edge for Jennifer Aniston!
 Jen looked hot in her NUDE Valentino Haute Couture spring collection in Mexico. Jen was really sweet at the photo call taking pics and hugging fans. Hey, she’s gotta sell that perfume! 

Promoshoot for fragrance: Lolavie
March 10th: Launches her new fragrance in Mexico City

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Mar 12, 2011
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Actress Jennifer Aniston will be seen playing the role of a country musician in a new film.

The actress first signed up for ” The Goree Girls” in 2009, but the film could not be made. Aniston is now looking forward to being part of the film as she prepares to start shooting.

The film chronicles the story of an all-female band made up of convicts, reports aceshowbiz.com.

Mar 09, 2011

Jennifer staat op de cover van de Franse Glamour Magazine. Op dit moment is alleen de cover al te bewonderen! Ik hoop snel ook scans toe te voegen en wie weet de photoshoot.

Jennifer Aniston gets an unusual cover for French Glamour magazine for the April 2011 issue.

The actress has four photos in one cover instead of the usual marketing trick – make four different covers to entice fans to purchase the same issue multiple times. The photos were obviously done pre-haircut (see those pictures here) and they are very Aniston-y. A Southern California girl with tousled hair and cut-offs. Perfect look for her.

Glamour (France) (April 2011)

Klik op de foto om originele grootte te bekijken

Mar 08, 2011
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De eerste still van Wanderlust is uit en hierbij ook de eerste release datums van Jennifers film. Helaas staat Nederland er (nog) niet bij, maar deze wijkt meestal niet veel af van Amerika.

Land Release datum
USA 7 October 2011  
Polen 21 October 2011  
UK 25 November 2011  
Zweden 9 December 2011  


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Mar 08, 2011

Ik heb eerdere advertenties van Jennifer voor Smartwater aan de gallery toegevoegd. Je zult de advertentieposters van 2009 vinden én captures van de onderstaande video. Wie weet binnekort meer.

2009 Smartwater Promo’s
2011 SmartWater Viral Ad Video

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010.jpg  014.jpg  035.jpg  069.jpg

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Mar 08, 2011

Jennifer maakt nu ook reclame voor het watermerk “Smart Water” en tot nu toe zijn de kritieken erg goed! Bekijk de video hieronder.

While BoomTown is usually tired of the overexposed Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston, she is pretty funny in this online commercial for SmartWater, in which she tries make a video that “turns into a virus” by taking advantage of a number of viral Internet video trends.

While it’s no “Humpilates,” the dirty-dancing babies bit is really good, especially when Aniston says, “Where’s the mommy?”

Mar 07, 2011
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Ik heb een gloednieuwe layout op de site gezet. Het WordPress theme komt van EZ Themes! Ik vind het een heel bijzondere layout geworden. Natuurlijk hoop ik dat jullie hem ook mooi vinden. Ik hoop de gallery ook binnekort onder handen te nemen.

Volg ons ajb op Twitter en ben op de hoogte van het laatste Jennifer nieuws!

Mar 07, 2011

Jennifer Aniston is determined to get away from LA, where she has so many memories of her life with ex-husband Brad Pitt. The single 42-year-old is looking for the perfect home in New York.

‘Jen loves NY,’ says the pal. ‘It’s where she spent her childhood, so it’s going back to her roots. ‘She wants to find a decent man in Manhattan without the tag of being ex-Mrs Pitt – and away from the LA set who are eternally obsessed with Brange. ‘Jen’s also done a big cull of her address book, keeping only people who mean a lot to her.

‘She’s looking at different career moves and is in talks to launch her own luggage line. She’s even planning a website after Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop was such a hit. ‘Hers will be very spiritual. It’ll promote the work of close friends like her yoga teacher Mandy Ingber and self-help guru Eckhart Tolle. ‘She’s even considering a book about her life. It would be cathartic, so makes sense.’

Read the full story about Jennifer Aniston in Now Magazine dated 7 March 2011 – out now!

Feb 27, 2011
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Jennifer Aniston may no longer be sporting “the Rachel,” but the fascination with her every strand of hair continues. Aniston caused quite a stir this week by chopping her luscious long locks into a sexy bob, so it’s no surprise that the world wants to know all the nitty gritty details of her perfectly cut coif. Aniston’s longtime stylist Chris McMillan shared his method behind the hair change-up with Allure.com. “It was just time for a change,” McMillan said. “We had a blast doing it. And we’ve always liked this haircut.

 It’s about keeping things simple.” But why a bob? “I’m loving bobs again,” he explained, citing the recent styles featured by fashion houses like YSL and Celine. “It’s a sexy look.” But could it be that the real inspiration also had something to do with reality TV? Just ask McMillan. “The reason that I’m loving a bob at the moment…

There are so many long, layered hairstyles and—don’t get me wrong, I love that. But The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills all have that. You know what I mean? And what’s the opposite direction you can go in.” Seems like this sleek and chic bob is pretty far in the right direction to us.

Feb 23, 2011

Hier zijn dan de foto’s van de Photocall van “Just Go With it” in Madrid, waar Jennifer haar nieuwe kapsel liet zien. Voor meer pics, ga dan naar de gallery.

February 22nd: Just Go With It Photocall in Madrid