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Dec 13, 2009
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Jennifer Aniston is reportedly in talks to star alongside Adam Sandler in a rom-com called Pretend Wife. Here is a basic summary of the plot –

Sandler’s character is so afraid of commitment that he tells his girlfriend that he’s married, with children. His game gets complicated though when the 22-year-old girl of his dreams threatens to leave him and he has to actually find a woman to play his wife in order to keep the girlfriend.

It’s basically a slight variation of the recent Sandra Bullock film The Proposal in which a pushy boss forces her young assistant to marry her in order to keep her Visa status in the U.S and avoid deportation to Canada. It also sound remarkably similar to another Jennifer Aniston film called Picture Perfect in which Aniston’s character pretends to be engaged to a guy in order to gain a promotion and the attention of one of her colleagues. In both cases the outcome is pretty inevitable.

I suppose it doesn’t really matter, romantic comedies are all pretty much the same anyway. It’s probably the most unbendable genre formula:
1. Boy meets girl.
2. Boy and girl just can’t stand each others company but are put in a situation where they have to spend a lot of time with each other.
3. Boy and girl discover that what they thought was hatred was in actual fact love.
The End. (Final shot – kiss or wedding bells)

Proof that this good old formula is tough to break is Aniston’s own film The Break-Up which pretty much turned the formula upside down and was as a result spurned by women worldwide.

Who do you believe to be the current Queen of the romantic comedy, Aniston or Bullock? or is there another contender you’d like to throw into the mix?

Source: MTV


Dec 13, 2009
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A representative for Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston has denied reports that the actress is looking to adopt a child.

Dec 12, 2009
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Jennifer Aniston

Dec 11, 2009
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Welkom op Jennifer Aniston.nl, dit is jouw eerste fansite voor Jennifer Aniston! De site is al open, maar er staat nog niet bijzonder veel op. Veel plezier en ik hoop je natuurlijk een keer te zien. Neem ook een kijkje in de gallery.

De nieuwste candids zijn van 30 November van dit jaar!

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