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Sep 20, 2012   Leave a Comment Media, News & Gossip, Video

Newly engaged actress Jennifer Aniston is constantly followed by the media but it looks like she has kept a few “secrets” out of the public. Did you know Jennifer wears wigs, is expecting triplets, and has an adult son which happens to be talk show host Jimmy Kimmel? Neither did we! The “Wanderlust” actress shows off her sense of humor in a new video ad for bottled water brand Smartwater, where she jokes about all the rumors spread about her. The advertisement begins with Ryan Seacrest stating he has “breaking news” on Aniston’s leaked home security tapes.

“From inside the actress’s home, shocking revelations,” Seacrest stated. The commercial shows fake security tapes of Jennifer Aniston as she leaves her house in a shiny new car that she crashes while trying to back up. “I forgot my Smartwater!” she said as she runs past her assistant, whose name she can’t seem to get straight. Once inside, the 41-year-old actress removes a large velcro band from her belly, revealing a huge baby bump.

“How are my little triplets doing? You must be so thirsty,” she says to her belly as she gulps down the Smartwater. Aniston has a “workout” and then proceeds to go out to her pool that is being filled with Smartwater. Jimmy Kimmel is shown with arm floaties as he runs out to ask his “mom” if he can swim.

“Honey, please be a good boy and go upstairs and take a nap,” Aniston begs Kimmel. “Please don’t cry and if you’re a good boy I’ll play hide and seek with you later!” But Kimmel pouts and says, “You always make me hide. I think you’re ashamed of me!” Kimmel begins to cry and then Aniston takes him inside with his “little brother,” an alien with an inner tube around its waist. After her tiring day, Aniston brushes her teeth and says, “Good night, Rachel,” to herself in the mirror before removing her wig from her head and placing it on a cabinet next to several others.

“What is that? Is that a light on? Is that recording?” she says as she pretends to finally notice a camera is recording her every move.

The Smartwater logo then comes on-screen, along with their tagline: “Even more refreshing than the truth.”

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