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Jennifer Aniston talks LolaVie’s first year in business, and which products she plans to develop next.

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Looking to jumpstart your own collagen journey? Let Jennifer Aniston, Vital Proteins®’ Chief Creative Officer, inspire you with her daily collagen routine. Keep reading below for an exclusive look at her favorite collagen supplements as well as how she adds them to her wellness regimen.


“I have had a passion for health and wellness for years. I know that this topic can be overwhelming so through this campaign, I want to show simple ways to incorporate collagen into your daily life,” Aniston tells us. “For me, it’s adding it to my morning coffee and replenishing after a workout, but there is truly an option for everyone.”



Why They’re A Standout: We collaborated with our Chief Creative Officer to create a delicious protein and collagen bar in three elevated flavors: Peanut Butter FudgeCold Brew Coffee, and Dark Chocolate Coconut. The bars are perfect for any time of day: morning, between meals, or on the go — all under 200 calories each.

Jen Says: “I spent the last year collaborating closely with the Vital Proteins team on this new bar collection ($29.99; shop now), helping to handpick the ingredients and flavors that I love.”


Why It’s A Standout: Available in canisters and stick packs, our unflavored Original Collagen Peptides boasts 20g of collagen peptides per serving, plus vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Because it’s unflavored, odorless and easily dissolves in hot and cold liquids, our Original Collagen Peptides can be easily added to sweet or savory recipes.

Jen Says: “My go-to collagen routine is adding Vital Proteins® Collagen Peptides ($27; shop now) in my morning cup of coffee or smoothie – so easy to use.”


Why It’s A Standout: Your wellness routine is in for a real treat, courtesy of our Chocolate Collagen Peptides, which provides 20g collagen peptides per serving and a touch of decadence to your favorite collagen peptides.

Jen Says: “These chocolate collagen peptides ($27; shop now) not only has the benefits, but also provides a flavor boost to my smoothie.”


Why It’s A Standout: Introducing NEW Lemon Collagen Peptides! With 20g of collagen peptides per serving and a refreshing, lemon flavor, it’s the tastiest way to zest up your wellness routine.

Jen Says: “There are so many delicious options, including Lemon Collagen Peptides ($27; shop now). I love to stir it into a glass of water in the afternoon for a little something special.”

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Hint: It’s not all about Friends.

Like seemingly everyone else these days, Jennifer Aniston is nostalgic for the nineties. “Is it corny if I say I miss Friends?” Aniston wonders aloud, laughing. “You know, more than anything, what I miss about the nineties is that there was no social media. I miss the connection people used to have. And I miss coffee shops.”

Of course, a coffee shop—the iconic Central Perk—figures prominently in the hit show in which Aniston played Rachel Green for ten seasons. And though Friends fever is still going strong eighteen years after the sitcom aired its final episode (nail polish brand Sally Hansen recently debuted a limited-edition collection based on the series), Aniston’s life couldn’t be more different than it was back then. Married and divorced twice, the actor has conquered the big screen (her films routinely gross more than $200 million at the box office), launched a successful haircare brand called Lolavie, and has become somewhat of an icon in the health and wellness world.

One of Aniston’s most recent partnerships in that space is with ingestible collagen brand Vital Proteins (she joined the company as Chief Creative Officer in 2020). The two just launched a collection of protein and collagen bars inspired by Aniston’s morning smoothies. “It makes sense,” she tells Women’s Health of the collab. “I’d been using the product for years before I started working with the brand.”

Here, the star shares wellness musts, what’s coming down the pipeline from Lolavie, and why taking a break from workouts was the best thing she did.

BU: You’ve been using ingestible collagen for a while now—what are some of the benefits you’ve noticed?
JA: My hair is indestructible, and I’ve noticed an improvement in its quality and texture. And, you know, my skin looks better, and my joints feel better. You just notice it. Also, my workouts were wonderfully fueled.

BU: Speaking of workouts, are there any specific ones you’re very into right now?
JA: I always switch it up because I get bored. But, you know, I was away doing a movie for three months and I kind of let my workouts fall to the wayside a little bit. And I have to say, I’ve never done that before. I usually wake up and work out no matter where I am, no matter what time of day it is. I make sure I get at least a good twenty minutes of sweating in. But I didn’t, and I felt such a difference. It really affected me. We were on location, and it was the pandemic, and there was just so much going on. It took everything for me just to get up and go to work. To try to exist when the world was so crazy—it was all too much. Plus, trying to make a comedy when there’s a global pandemic and a war in Ukraine was a lot.

BU: How did it feel to take that break?
JA: I realized that what I really needed more than a workout was a meditation. I mean, we’re so focused on working out, working out, working out, but sometimes you just must give your body a break and listen to what it needs. And sometimes it’s not going to be physical. Sometimes, it’s going to be mental. Sometimes you need to give your body a little R & R.

BU: We love your hair brand, Lolavie. Any new launches coming?
JA: We have an oil that’s coming out in the next few weeks. And we’re also working on a shampoo and conditioner that I am obsessed with. There’s a dry shampoo that we’re trying to perfect and a mask that’s a weekly deep conditioning treatment. I want to do a paste. I’ve got this lots in the works and I’m excited about everything.

BU: Are you a morning person?
JA: I’m never in a bad mood. I’m not a “don’t talk to me in the morning” person. But ultimately, I’m a night owl. I stay up. I love to putter. I love to get things done. It’s quiet. The world’s asleep.

BU: Being a night owl, is there anything that you do in the morning to start the day right?
JA: Usually the first thing I do is meditate. I try to wake up mindfully. I don’t look at my phone, which infuriates everyone. But if it’s a real emergency, people will call me on my home line, right? Yes. I still have a home line.

Women’s Health Mag

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The new ad for the protein powder company featured the ‘Friends’ actress showing off some candid and behind-the-scenes looks at all the things she considers ‘vital.’


Jennifer Aniston answers the question, “What keeps me vital?” in the new ad for Vital Proteins released on Monday, May 9. The ad showed the 53-year-old actress getting plenty of chores done in her multi-million dollar home, including playing with her dogs, making the bed, preparing smoothies, and working out. It also shows her snacking on some yummy-looking bars from Vital Proteins.

Throughout the voiceover, Jennifer lists tons of things that help her to feel “vital,” while clips of her around the house, as well as photos of her with friends. “Meaningful work, something to be passionate about, something to get better at, time to reflect, play too—so vital. Friends are vital. Community, connection. When big feelings arise, movement is vital. When the pressure mounts, breath is vital. Nowadays, the simple things are vital. A good cup of coffee, silent mode, morning walks with the dogs: vital. Beyond that, it’s rest, water, movement, and Vital Proteins,” she said. Towards the end of the video, Jennifer asked the viewer to think about what makes them feel vital. “What about you? Every moment is vital, because you are vital.”

In an Instagram post, Jennifer called making the ad “fun,” and she seems to be very excited to work with the company. “I spent the last year collaborating closely with the Vital Proteins team on this new bar collection, helping to handpick the ingredients and flavors that I love. I can’t wait for people to try them out,” she said in a press release.

While Vital Proteins must be a great supplement for the Murder Mystery actress, Jennifer also laid out her workout routine, including a cardio exercise on a StairMaster, jumping rope, and much more. a recent interview with First For Women in March. “Changing up my workout routine is key…I always try to surprise my muscles,” she said, while also detailing some of her favorite breakfast recipes.

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The actress talks filming the Friends reunion, The Morning Show Season 2, and her health and beauty secrets.

It’s undeniable that 2021 has been incredibly busy for Jennifer Aniston so far. Not only was she completing work on The Morning Show Season 2, but she also shot the highly anticipated Friends reunion, which was every bit worth the wait. Now, for her latest endeavor, the actress is sharing her much-coveted health and wellness tips in her new role as chief creative officer of Vital Proteins.

From early romantic comedy roles like Nina Borowski in The Object of My Affection to her award-winning turn as Alex Levy on The Morning Show, Aniston has been a continual source of inspiration with a seemingly unflappable health and beauty regimen. The Murder Mystery star, who has been incorporating the brand’s collagen supplements into her daily routine for years, tells BAZAAR.com, “I noticed such a difference over a few months, and it’s just been a part of my everyday. And so, when Vital Proteins approached me to team up and become a part of their team, or just a fraction of their team, I was so super excited, because, yes, I actually know what I’m talking about.”

Ahead, Aniston talks about her new role with Vital Proteins, the upcoming season of The Morning Show, and what filming the Friends reunion was really like.

At the risk of embarrassing myself, I quoted you in my master’s thesis.
Oh, my God. I got quoted in your thesis? What was quote-worthy?

It was an interview you did when you said that if you were lying in the middle of the road and someone gave you a self-help book to tell you how not to lie in the middle of the road and get run over, you wouldn’t read it because that’s just not where you were at that moment. I thought that was great, because it was about just letting life come at you.
What a strange thing to say. But there was a time where I remember getting so many [self-help] books, and I was just like, “Can we stop, because I’m fine.” That’s very sweet. I’m very flattered and honored.

You’re very selective with the products you endorse. Why did you want to work with Vital Proteins?
Because it’s organic. That’s why I had been using it. It’s the only way I will partner up with a brand is if it feels like it’s organically coming out of my mouth, and I think that’s sort of been consistent throughout all the products that I’ve been a part of. My doctor told me about Vital Proteins in 2014 and said you need to incorporate this into your diet. And I was thinking, “How?” And he said, “Put it in your coffee.” And I go, “I’m a purist. I don’t mess up my coffee. Don’t you mess with my coffee!” And then sure enough, he goes, “But you won’t taste it. Put it in your smoothie.”

You’re now Vital Proteins’ chief creative officer. Do you have any plans in your role or anything you’re hoping to achieve?
I love participating with the group and to get into a think tank and come up with ideas to better the product, to expand the product. It’s been fun to come up with the campaign for it. The idea of that commercial was so much fun to come up with. Being a part of the creation of anything is my sweet spot.

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[The role is] more just collaborating on ideas and what could be added to protein bars and into the collagen and ingredients. How do we make this more appealing? Or what if this tasted a little bit more like that? Just for creative ideas, but it’s a fancy title … CC … what’d they call it? CC … CCO.

You need to remember that.
I sure should. I’m going to get it tattooed somewhere.

We’re really excited about Season 2 of The Morning Show. What was it like filming in the pandemic?
Sorry that it took so long. What was that like during the pandemic? That was a challenge, to say the least. It was very hard. We were all a bit nervous to be going out there, even though we had an incredible epidemiology team to educate all of us on how this is going to work, how this is going to look, and testing and the protocols.

And it was challenging, because as artists and creatives, it’s all about human connection. And we were in masks while we were rehearsing, and then these shields, and I didn’t see my crew members’ faces, and we couldn’t say good morning with a hug. We couldn’t say goodbye with a hug. We’re all a very loving, tactile group of people, and it was strange.

You’d get the [COVID-positive] false alarms. … It’d have to shut down for an hour to find out who, and you contact trace, and all this stuff. When we shut down [production in March 2020], we’d shot almost two episodes. Then basically, the whole season had to be reimagined incorporating COVID into it, because it turns out our show is topical.

A very similar thing happened for our first season, because we had, I think, about five or eight outlines of the first season, and then #MeToo happened. So we had to go back to the drawing board. Season 1 was about abuse of power and sexism, ageism, and all of that stuff, and the sort of toxic environment that happens in the world of these shows, but #MeToo was such a huge piece [of that]. It’s like, “How do we not incorporate that?” So the same thing happened with Season 2. It took a lot longer than expected, and I hope it was worth the wait.

It sounds like you’re quite involved behind the scenes, and I know you’ve made short films in the past. Do you have any plans to direct again, in TV or film?
Yes. So funny that you mentioned that. I’m actually having a Zoom call tomorrow with a friend about directing a piece of material they found. And if there’s a Season 3 of The Morning Show, I want to direct one of our episodes.

I’d love to see you in a serious role opposite Adam Sandler, because I think your chemistry is so great together on-screen, and you’re both incredible when you do dramatic roles. So please do that.
Oh, my gosh. I’m going to tell him that, because isn’t he fabulous to watch as a serious actor? I just spoke to him the other day, because we’re working on Murder Mystery 2. So, unfortunately, you won’t get the serious one next. Because after The Morning Show Season 2, I need to make a comedy role. I’m done. I can’t cry and scream and rage anymore.

You need to be happy.

Yes. We need to laugh. It’s super important, I’ve come to realize.

They’re such family, and they’re so embedded in my heart ’til the day I die.

So, the Friends reunion. Obviously, we all loved it. Do you have a favorite moment? And what was it like filming it?
Oh, it was full of emotions. It was a roller coaster of emotions. It was incredible. By the end of day two, we were all so giddy. I think the best part of it—there wasn’t one thing specifically—was just how instantly we fell right back into our roles of who we are to each other from that. … I mean, we’ve all seen each other on different occasions, but never in the same room together, except for back at my house. They’re such family, and they’re so embedded in my heart ’til the day I die. That was what was so special.

And that’s what made it so good to watch.
Yeah, thank you. So glad. Makes me so happy.


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Glowing skin and gorgeous hair have been Jennifer Aniston’s signatures since her Friends days. Lucky for us, she’s spilling exactly how she gets so radiant: Collagen. She’s been incorporating the skin and hair savior into her daily routine for years, so it’s only fitting that one of her newest roles is as Chief Creative Officer for Vital Proteins, a collagen supplement brand. Collagen is a protein that’s a crucial building block for your bones, skin, hair, muscles, ligaments and tendons. It keeps skin looking young and firm, which Aniston is living proof of. The star of The Morning Show (which is returning September 17, by the way) tells us all about how she works in collagen, her wellness journey and her nutritional rebellion phase.

Why did you decide to partner with Vital Proteins? It was organic and authentic to me and my lifestyle. I’ve been using it for seven years now. My doctor told me to incorporate this into my diet and I did and in a few months, I could not believe how it changed my workouts, my endurance, my mood, my hair, my joints. When [Vital Proteins] approached me about a year ago, it felt like anything else that I team up with—I was sold.

What does your role as Chief Creative Officer at Vital Proteins entail? I just like to say that fancy title. We collaborate, we share ideas. It’s creative consulting and coming up with the campaign and ingredients that we could add to make it even more nutritious. The taste, packaging—all sorts. Everything’s on the table.

How do you incorporate collagen into your daily routine? I have it in my coffee every morning, the Vital Proteins Original Collagen Peptides. I just had a shake with the new Vital Proteins Chocolate Collagen Peptides, which I’m obsessed with. And I have it in my water; the Vital Proteins Collagen Water in Strawberry Lemon usually go with me in my car. The collagen creamer I love. There are many ways now to incorporate this into your body. It doesn’t just have to be in your coffee. I have a lot of friends who are coffee purists who think that they’re going to add this into their coffee and their whole bow down to their coffee ritual is going to change and it doesn’t. But there’s the gummies—if you want to have your Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, it tastes like candy. They’re delicious.


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Tell me about your journey of finding wellness from within. Well, it was sort of an accident—not really an accident, but [because of] my mom I was born into it. My mom was a real health fanatic. I just thought she was nuts. It was no fun to be at my house for dinner because I’d had no Cap’n Crunch or even a Cheerio. Not even Raisin Bran. It was like wheat germ and oatmeal with brown sugar and honey, spelt bread. Everything was sprouted. And she put nuts into my sandwich. It was weird. So, it was something that was just a part of my life. And then when I got older, my big rebellion was to eat Fruity Pebbles, Wonder Bread and all sorts of things that ended up making me feel like shit. Then I put it all together. Oh, my mom is actually being healthy. This was a really good thing that she was doing. So, I started figuring out my own version of what that looked like. And I was always physical, because I lived in New York and was at performing arts so we had dance and movement and we walked all over the place. Then I moved to California and discovered aerobics. It’s just always been a part of my life. And then as you get older, you start to understand what we took for granted in our 20s and 30s, and that everything just doesn’t come as easily. But as little light switches start to shut off in our bodies, we actually have the ability to turn them back on. I was really interested in that.

How do you believe wellness is linked to beauty? My approach is holistic. It’s not just nutritional—it’s emotional, spiritual, everything. What you watch and what you take in, whether it’s through the news, what you read or what you do on social media, you have to be really diligent on being good about what you take in because it’s really toxic and we’re emotional creatures. It’s all part of the whole; the sum of the wellness to me is all of it.

How do you practice self-care? That’s just a daily thing. My self-care is my morning routine. I don’t pick up my phone till I’m finished walking my dogs, feeding the dogs, meditating, journaling, making my coffee. You know, just having a nice clear head, and then I’ll go into the world, so to speak.

What are your wellness goals for the rest of 2021 and beyond? To stay on it. My goal is to continue to be committed to myself and to my body because this is the only one we get. But, also fully allow your indulgences. The 80-20 I think is a good rule. Allow yourself some fun, allow yourself things that you love, and take away any kind of negative thoughts around it. Enjoy it. Remove shame from your vocabulary or feelings if you are capable.

What advice do you have for those who want to start a wellness routine but don’t know where to start? Start with 10 minutes—10 minutes walking, 10 minutes meditating. Two pages of journaling—give yourself three minutes to journal, set a timer. Give yourself little goals. And then once you start to love it, you’ll realize oh, I just went for four minutes. I have a girlfriend who got a Peloton bike and she said okay, I can only get to five minutes. Now she’s up to 45 minutes. It’s just about giving yourself that allowance to take baby steps.


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